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Yes you guys are right but to me there are still CGI being done in movies that are suppose to look real but still look some what cartoonish. I'm not dissing CGI because I have seen a lot of great CGI and most of it off the 3DGladiators.

I didn't mind so much the swinging from side to side in spiderman even though I could tell that it was CGI but the scene where he dose a back flip of a bad guys shoulders, looked really phony to me. No mater though because I thought that in the preview but once I seen the movie, I liked it so much that I never even noticed.

I never knew that there was CGI done to some of the actors in Blade 2 but I could tell right away that it was done in this one fighting scene.

I guess that there is this Chinese company that bought the rights to do a Bruce lee CGI movie and I guess that it's going to be the realest looking CGI movie to date. I also know that it's about budget. The final fantasy movie, that had many scenes that made me look twice because of the realism, was said to be done with less authentic scenes because the money wasn't there to do what they could.

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