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Default Re: Revealed : The opening text for Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith

Episode III is my favorite SW movie, just barely....barely....edging out the Empire Strikes Back. It's almost a photo finish it's so close.

I enjoyed the prequels too.

It's just the fanboys who feel like their childhoods got raped or run over because George wanted to do things his way, and not the fanboy way.

Now, that said, I will say the following:

1. The acting-- it really depended on who was playing what. Liam Neeson could make garbage sound good with his powerful acting style. Same with Ewan MacGregor. The lovely Natalie Portman is much better in lovey dovey, touchy feely scenes than she is in the action beats (and she does have the cutest butt in the universe, as shown in Ep II...and I certainly would not mind being in those lovey dovey, touchy feely scenes with her ) Hayden Christensen improved in Ep III, but there were still a couple of cringeworthy parts. And Ahmed Best just rocked as Jar Jar in Ep I....I was really hoping he'd get a bigger role in the other two films, but the fanboys cried and whimpered, and so George did cave for that.

2. The story-- Well, I do admit, some elements of the prequel trilogy feel rushed. I also felt that despite the fact I enjoyed Ep I, it felt more like a footnote than an actual episode in the overall narrative. Ep II felt rather long and drawn out...but Ep III seemed to hit the perfect pitch in terms of pacing.

3. The visual and sound effects-- Hey, c'mon, it's Lucasfilm! Brilliance. 'nuff said.
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