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Default Re: Revealed : The opening text for Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith

Old post, but I have to admit that I did mostly like episode-III. I just think they could have condensed EP1&2 into a 30 minute sequence replacing the first act of EP-III. The tragedy of Anakin becoming Darth Vader really does give a slightly different perspective on ep4-6.
But My favorite part by far was the sense of nostalgia when Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru took baby Luke and stood at the edge of the homestead and looked up at the binary suns setting on the horizon. We seen Anakin doing the same in ep2, but here it seemed better done. That's a great scene, worth watching even if you hated the prequels. When you see Luke doing this now in Ep4 its much more powerful. Regardless of what a mess most of the rest of ep1-3 may be, this is brilliant scene that's perfectly executed.
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