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Default Battlestar Galactica 31st Anniversary Gift for all TOS ries fans still out there

September 17th 2009, 31st anniversary of the Battlestar Galactica series

For years we've been collecting unique Battlestar Galactica items: photos, scripts, paperwork, concept art, etc. we've spent thousands of $ to obtain most of it and treasured it in our private collections (like so many big collectors out there)! That's going to change! We'd like to set an example we hope many collectors will follow by publishing all we have, so EVERY Battlestar Galactica fan out there can now enjoy it. Feel free to copy all (please link us when copied online to spread the word)!

This is by far the best spread of NEW images and stories any original Battlestar Galactica series fan has EVER seen. We’re publishing art by Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, Andrew Probert, Dan Goozee, Frank Frazetta, Martin Kline and many more. We have original storyboards, visual effects budgets and we wrote an unique article on the creation of the Cylon Centurion costume, with dozens of images no one has ever seen before. Plus we did hour long interviews with some of the original directors like Chris Nyby and Alan Levi and we talked to writer/story editor Terrence McDonnell for over two hours.


Check: GALACTICA.TV - 31st ANNIVERSARY EDITION to see the goodies...

Marcel Damen & Mike Egnor
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