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Default NEW Propaganda? Yes indeed...............

Originally posted by Artemis Now I see how they are going to get viewers.
They are doing a 'cable in the classroom' program for high schoolers. They probably figure that the lessons will get them to watch the mini. That is what the 5:30 am CIC is, teachers are supposed to tape it and show it to their classes. Very fitting they are calling it "propaganda".
Ah ha, those Cable in the Classroom are without ads. So how can an ad be educational, this thing is like say a Bowflex Infomercial, that will not tell how much the gadget it will cost. Nor the quality of the show?

Originally posted by StarshipTrooper Hi,Here is the article from the newsletter in it's entirety...
Those NEW shows sort of peaked my curiosity, NEW Infomercialspropaganda/shows NEW, stuck out.

Yes indeed your Newsletter is a wealth of information Re: The REAL Battlestar Galactica, I found it odd that The Scifi Channel linked a Ronald D. Moore on on THE preeminent pro-Hatch continuation sites?

Originally posted by michaelfaries Excellent job as always, Nathan!! (On the entire newsletter.) :colwar:Michael
The NEW is what caught my eye, I saw your newsletter @ Ascifi>
Ray Grower & his Mods. tend to like the mini, go figure? I cross posted you Newsletter on Ascifi and was threatened with being Banned, sort off harsh and I was really nice, I guess Ray got tired of me pointing out his errors, also?

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