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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

Originally Posted by Jayworld View Post
I can totally understand this view, especially when the fandom has been jerked around by the cancellation of the Fox pilot (DeSanto), then an abrupt 180 to the reimagination and ignoring of original fandom (us). Then to see the on-again, off again promise of a new movie… and with all the teasing (such as the basic premise of the PS2/XBox BG game, etc.). Colonial Fan Force, etc. It's been a long ride.

Having said that, I still remain optimistic and check these boards often (and contribute when I can) and check online for new movie info.

I can't help it, I LOVE Battlestar Galactica (the original, classic series) and always will….
Totally, on one and three. I however do not have any optimism. H'Wood is full of boray astrums who think they are semi-divine visionaries, who see and know all, while we fans are the Great Unwashed, grovelling at the foot of Olympus, for any scrap they happen to TOS our way.
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