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Default Re: The Empire Strikes Back-Into The Hoth System

Why Thanks, yeah it turned out really good.

And this may be due to the fact I actually used the film for reference.
And also did side by side, or rather top and bottom -lol -
comparison while editing... almost had to to get some of the track and SFX right.

Kinda hard to duplicate things, but it did come out good.

Thanks to Martok, who at the the time I did this I had just watched a couple of his vids on his current proj. Galactica Wars, which I really like.

Especially the voice overs and story.

-ever get that feeling from a movie trailer you cant wait to see it-
that is what it does to me.
So much to learn , so little time, and so many ideas with so little knowledge and so much to discover with so many things to try.
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