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Default Re: The Abandoned Baby Bird and BSG

Originally Posted by Muffit View Post
Today life left a cruel reminder on my doorstep. It left it in the form of a tiny barely feathered baby bird, lying on its back with its legs flailing helplessly in the air. It hurt me so much to see it like that. I righted it and moved it away from the door into the grass so it wouldn't get trodden on, then wondered what to do. After some time I left some tiny softened bread crumbs near it in the hope it might eat. To my amazement, what looked like the mother bird came to the spot soon after. Hope began to rise in me as it looked as though the mother was feeding it. Till it dawned on me. The mother bird wasn't feeding the baby, it was heartlessly eating the crumbs I had left for the baby, then it just flew away.

Maybe you think me silly but things like this always bring me round to BSG. It seems everything I see and experience wells up in me the plight that means so much to me. For me, that baby is like our beloved show, tossed out of its nest for whatever reasons and desperately trying to do the one think it wants most, to live. And that conscienceless mother bird is too much like what TPTB are doing now, taking the few desperate hopes that could have meant life. And then they will fly away.

Life is cruel and unfair and I just have to accept it.

But I don't have to like it.

Affectionately and respectfully,

Postscriptum: I don't like it. After some searching I found the nest and put the baby back. With any hope…!

Ever check back on the bird, Muf?
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