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Default Re: preview of pics from fanfilm

Taranis beat me to it , that's what I'm using, if you go to advanced mode for reply's, under the smileys (underneath text box) there's a manage attachments

I hear ya about the render time. It's true... Vray chews up memory like crazy, but I suppose it's worth the wait.
i'm saving my penny's for new gear, quad core cpu twin sli video, etc
which gave me a thought i wonder if either rendering engines use graphics
card as well to process a scene .. i imagine they might if not maybe they should.

but I could never get the volume light/fog to work right on my ship. I got this crazy effect and could not work around it.
what type of lights are you using? i found Mrarea omni was good for making the volume feel for inside the bridge. in fact overall was better for all the scenes. better more tweakable shadows etc.

First image is with vray or default scanline

Second was with mental ray

I just could not get Mental ray to create the fog right. Either default scanline works or Vray seems to know what to do in this case.
I had similar issues with scenes I'm doing, mental ray would pop error
messages about incompatibility's with xyz light or plugin .... haven't figured
why yet. after my shuttle flying over landscape scenes have re-rendered
i'll play with mental ray and volume light/fog see what i come up with. at this rate all off the "on planet scenes" will take a week to do.

I may borrow those ideas for Galactica.
you can do that, no problems there.

of all the corrupt files I've had, i had to lose this mesh ... not fair ...

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