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Default Re: Has anyone seen Sarika?

Oh my goodness, I think I am about to cry...Steve did pass along to me last night, that you guys were cocncerned about me, but I had no idea you were so, I am truly touched.

You are all the BEST a girl could ask for in freinds.

I'm fine, just dealing with a deep issue in my personal life. Getting through it, but I was not in a good place for the last days.

Suddenly had something crop up, and I will admit it left me feeling almost unbearably like my heart was going to shatter.
But, freinds like you all give me such strenght again and a big smile on my face.

Thank you all again! HUMONGOUS HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!!

P.S. Damocles, I would happy to add you to my FB freinds.
Send me a PM to let me know your name there.

Nice cold ales all around for you wonderful men!
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