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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

Understand the position of not linking it. Though I have to admit it's surprising it hasn't been shut down given the scope of what they have if that's the case.

I did go through "Death Of Apollo" for the first time as well and had to shake my head at that one. Adama openly referring to Starbuck as an "idiot?" And Apollo is NOT the sort of person who would go into mope mode over not being able to fly. But what's even more ridiculous is how that story is taking place ten yahrens after the Destruction and everyone seems so utterly stagnant as if nothing's changed in their lives since day one (and Boxey, while being drawn to look older is still wearing the same outfit he had in Saga!).

Then I re-read the first Max Press series and was blown away. The characters and the interactions were just perfect. And maybe it's no surprise that the reason is because that and Realm's comics were written before there was a GINO because more than ever it's become clear that TOS by Dynamite is filtered through a GINO lens and perspective of TOS.
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