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Default Re: Babylon 5 re-boot is really happening!

After decades of being told that there was no chance of a 'Next Generation' style upgrade of the original show, with various well reported problems. Almost out of nowhere a full restoration appeared, much to the delight of fans.
While we were all waiting for it to land (in my case hoping for a blu-ray) it suddenly appears on freee to view IMDB.TV!

Should you watch it?
Many sci-fi fans rate it as among the finest tv shows of all time.
Season 1 is a scene setter and a bit hit and miss in places, but still great. Beyond that it's simply astonishing in terms of story-telling. It was rumoured to be about to be canceled and so the complex mukti season story arks were all wrapped-up for the end of season 4. It was then renewed. So season 5 is a bit weak and feels like a 'bolt on'.

It's free to watch and well worth the effort.

High hopes for the re-boot.
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