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Default "Reimagination" -Publicity Stunt

I am beginning to think the whole "reimagination" and the female Starbuck was nothing but a publicity stunt. It got people fired up. They talked about the mini to their friends and then a lot of people watched. I would say the marketing plan was a great success.

Can you imagine if they said up front, "We are going to remake a 1960's Navy movie in the SCIFI genre and try to give you the characters at the end of season 1 of Battlestar Galactica." If they would have called Starbuck, Sheba I don't think the mini would have gotten half as much word of mouth.

The angry fan is probably the best friend SCIFI has. As jjarman's message says on all his post... they are listening even when they say they aren't.

They'll go back to the well because it makes money. The same way TOS went back to the well of Patton and the Dirty Dozen. Everything old is new again!
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