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Default Re: TOS - Season 2 / The Continuation


Some minor corrections.

>Boomer = CIC African American woman (forgot name)

Dualla is actually a "revisioned" Rigel. She performed the same function on the bridge. Dualla has considerable more screen time than Rigel who was relegated to saying such lines as "launch when ready".

>Count Iblis = Cylon 6 (maybe)

I don't see that working here. If there is an Iblis or an Imperious Leader you'd have to go higher up on the food chain.

I can't see them remaking Gun on Ice Planet Zero. It was a pale remake of "Guns of Navarone" with the central plot device from "Dirty Dozen". Title may have been taken from Ice Station Zebra though.

I've long since wondered what it is about this episode that never caught on with me, but it could have been the lack of Laurette Spang and the over-reliance on "tech" and special effects - and too much Boxey (who should have been shoved out of an airlock - and not revisioned 70s hair and all for 2003).

One of the things I used to do with BSG episodes years ago was to evaluate which ones were either good stories or helped advance the mythos of the series. Gun on Ice Planet Zero didn't do much of either. According to Sue Paxton, the original first draft from John Ireland was much, much worse than the one they used in the series.

Other than looking at key story elements from Living Legend, Lost Planet of the Gods and War of the Gods - I hope they generally stay away from remaking original series episodes. They have every right to look at the mythos of the original series and see what will work. But as a general rule, they should establish their own direction for the series.

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