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Originally Posted by julix
There is a wound
so deep it
hits the core
burried and raw
no type of medicine
can heal
the deep twisting
pain within
created long ago
the injury
invisible to all
who gaze at me
the hole deep inside is
but ever present
a constant torment
which never retreats
The pain of living a
life unloved
by the most important
person in the world

From the age of nine to the age of thirteen my mother was married to a man who liked beating us. I broke the chain and the rules of what normally happens to adult chidren of abuse. I never was cruel to Jen, I was and am a good father to my daughter, I went to college, I was able to hold jobs...but somewhere deep inside, this little boy sat in a closet with bruises thinking he was nothing. Thinking this was the fate he deserved. Thinking he will amount to nothing. Overall, I have beaten that, but there are days where that wound still makes me my own wost enemy.

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