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#7- "The Moth"
Charlie is going through withdrawals. He begs Locke for his drugs. Locke refuses. But says he will return it after Charlie asks for it three times. This was one.

Charlie is shown in flashbacks to be a good devote Catholic boy who wants to give up a band because if its sinful life. But his brother talks him into sticking in promising to drop out if things get bad. But his brother gets into the sex and drugs lifestyle. And drags Charlie into it.

On the island, a cave in traps Jack. But rather than help, Charlie goes to Locke for his drugs. Locke shows him a moth in a cocoon. Its struggling to get out. Locke could help with a snip of the knife and free it, but then it would be too weak to survive. The struggle strengthens the Moth. Locke then says this is two. The next time he will get his drugs.

The survivors manage to build a small dangerous path to Jack, but he is pinned inside. Charlie volunteers to go in. And he saves Jack's life.

That night Charlie asks for his drugs again. Its the third time and Locke hands the drugs over. Charlie then tosses the drugs in the fire.

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