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Default BSG Dress Medallion origins?

I have long wanted to find out what the origins are to the BSG dress medallion, and whilst I cannot say for sure, I have made an interesting discovery (at least I think so.)

One of my favorite documentaries is the Military Channel's "World War II in Color." During the opening credits, there is one shot of some German troops marching in parade formation. On their chests is a medallion of sorts that caught my eye. Here is the shot:

After some research, I found out that a branch of the German Feldgendarme (Field Military Police) wore these medallions called a gorget. Here are a couple of more shots as an example:

Perhaps someone like 137thgebirg might chime in on this since he has done a ton of research on the BSG insignia and he might know a lot more about German/Austrian military insignia as well..

what do you think? Could this have been the basis for the BSG dress medallion??
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