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Originally Posted by antelope526
Dawg: I really did read the stuff at That's the first time I was let down on the Desanto concept (although I would still like to see it made). I also thought the review of Moore's version there was very thought provoking. The Hatch interview there was also interesting which I elaborated on on some other threads.
I give you a bad time about that because our focuses are different.

I was absolutely distraught after learning more about what DeSanto had planned; it was so solidly set in the TOS universe that when held up against the RDM universe... well, there was no real comparison. While there were aspects of the story I'm still not sure about, it was obvious that DeSanto is also a fan. That's a good thing.

Originally Posted by antelope526
This whole Star Blazers thread has been a great walk down memory lane. Just like Westy said, with hindsight I think Star Blazers replaced to some extent what I lost when we had no more battlestar. Later I think the original Robotech (Macross) series again picked up the torch. As an adult I think I have been let down by Space Above and Beyond after having high hopes. The universe of Moore's Battlestar Galactica is currently carrying my hopes for the genre.
I enjoyed S:AAB, and the only thing that really let me down was its cancellation. Of course, if they'd only planned it as a limited run series (the last eps, as I recall, tend to lend some credence to the idea) then all I have to say is: nevermind.

You know how I feel about the RDM BSG universe; I find it troublesome, frankly, that you feel it is so important to the genre, but I realize that feeling is probably based in part on my negative feelings about the mini.

Originally Posted by antelope526
The stories may all be unique but they are also the same:

A small band of warriors take up the torch to save humanity after we have been all but annihilated. We have the love and loss of all the characters as they move in a world of fate far beyond their control. They face impossible military odds and yet continuously pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Over time they become an extended family who love, trust, and are willing to sacrfice all for each other. It is the noblest of the Japanese and Western military tradition taken to a scifi extreme.
This is a basic theme that is done successfully in many different genres, not just science fiction. Every audience loves to see an underdog come out on top and, if it's done in spectacular style, so much the better. Much of what I write myself can be considered that kind of story, in fact.

Originally Posted by antelope526
If you liked TOS and can't handle it being remade I suggest you rent the original Star Blazers and Robotech series if you haven't seen them already. You can get back some of the Battlestar feel without being offended!
Antelope, I would not be offended by a remake of BSG. Yes, I would prefer a continuation (a la DeSanto's aborted effort), but a remake is not outside the realm of possible acceptance. However, for reasons I have expressed elsewhere (and which your own analysis has supported), I was offended by the mini trying to pass itself off as BSG. I simply do not view it as a remake of TOS BSG, but rather an attempt to simply capitalize on the franchise (and to keep the rights to the franchise from reverting). I realize that there are people who don't share that particular view.....

Anyway, about Star Blazer: As I was growing up, the only "good" cartoons were the Warner Bros. efforts from the 40s and 50s - Bugs Bunny, Road Runner (my personal favorite), etc. My brothers and I were limited in what TV we were allowed to watch, so I didn't get to see much in the way of that kind of thing. Comic books, too, in fact. Once I got older, I never seemed to have the time to get into any of that. If I ever get a few hours to myself, I just might rent them.

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