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Default Re: Colonial Warrior Uniform resource list.

No can do.

I spent WAAAAYYYY too much money at DragonCon to go to this one.

Sounds like fun, though. Post pics if you get 'em!

I managed to get some gold/black and silver/black trim from Katarra8 on ebay. 6 yards a piece should do it. I plan to ask her where she gets it from.

Anyhoo, I just had a crack inspired idea. Not that I smoke the stuff, but you get the gist: How about a minor variation of the uniform by having some of the guys wear a Utilikilt?

You wouldn't BELIEVE how many of the guys at D/C wore the things. Some had the legs for it, some didn't, but they didn't care! They wore 'em anyway!

(If only I'd had the courage to ask if they were wearing their tightie whities as well, but I'm a confirmed coward. Don't really want to find out by being flashed in public! LOL!)

If the kilts are done in tan fabric, they'd be a sort of match for the tunic, wouldn't they?

I wonder how Apollo, Starbuck, et al would look in a Utilikilt.

BTW, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go to, you'll see for yourself.
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