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Default Re: CG Model Listing

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Taranis, what all do you have, model wise?

I know I provided you my Viper, Cobra and Cylon Centurion.

What else do you have?
Good Idea.

1 Galactica Folkrm
2 Vipers (yours).
3 Viper 2 seater (Amon Ra) possible. I want to use this one for cutaway view of the engines and other sections also for fanfilm in the background with inside exposed etc
4 Bridge been built by Punisher.
5 Raiders are via web available ALSO Cylon Raiders
6 Ragtag fleet ships High detailed offered. Gemini Freighter for one by VK08
7. Imperious Leader
8. Lucifer
9. Colonial Planets by VK08
10. Raffs Basestar

2. Colonial Pistol been built by punisher and worked on by me
3. Colonial Carbine Designed by Reaper to be done by me

Needed to be done
Landing bay (worked on)
life station
Engine control room (do we add one??)

Thatīs all I can think of at the moment.

I have other material that can also be used give by 137th Gebirg and Goldcylon. cannot show yet.

I will be looking at the sets soon to design them and if possible expand on them too if possible.

I will build a rough design of the Landing bay and post it with some of my new idea... give everyone a chance to offer something or suggest something. we only see small aspect of the bay and my first one. well was my first.

I will see if I can get more defined list later
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