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Default Re: Full-Size Cylon Raider at ...

Originally Posted by Rowdy Yates View Post
Sucks that the link is broken, I'd have liked to see that!

Spoke to the guy who built the full size Viper here in CA, a LOT of work! I had wanted to built a Viper, or a slightly smaller (and slightly more logical/economical - easier to transport, cheaper to build...) A-wing, but could not get any help with the projects. I did quite a bit of design work on the A-wing, the 'full-size' measurements were roughly around 15' long, and about 6' tall, going by the ROTJ Hangar scene, and the 1:8 scale production miniature, NOT the Official measurements, which are roughly two times that size... The Viper is around 29' long, so not too big, but Holy Frak! The Cylon Raider would be HUGE?! About 64 feet 'Tip to Tip'?

I updated the original post below with new links and photos...enjoy!
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