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Most people on the net tend to agree with that fact. Great as it is to see the Donner footage, some the trims made to Lester's scenes especially the good ones was unnecessary and way too many seemed to be shorten just for the hell of it! But by adding another time reversal, Donner's added too many plotholes, things in the DVD they try to reason out but fall short on. If Superman turns time back and this movie is followed up by Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, doesn't the time reversal mean Superman/Clark didn't sleep with Lois Lane thus the kid Jason in SR wouldn't be born now?

Also cos they removed Luthor and the 3 villains arrest that many of us have seen from the extended TV cut, did Superman now kill all 4 villains after he and Lois left the fortress? Yet somehow return them to their imprisonment days before hand when he turned back time. Why was the arrest scene cut? It always kinda made sense to me and other Superman fans. Luthor was captured and the 3 villains were powerless and probably ended up in "Area 51" getting probed and held for trial for crimes commited while on Earth or were even experimented on etc! This is probably why there were rumors and stories of Bryan Singer dropping Zod and co from SR but kept Luthor, cos he knew their fates from the extended TV cut thats why?

Also for a special edition i kinda kills me that a mega rich company like warners didn't give Michael Thau and Richard Donner tons of money to do this Donner cut justice with spruced up SFX. I don't expect wall-to-wall CGI oh hell no, but the CGI used and composite shots look like something any fan could do with a little patience (you wait until those fan cuts of S2 arrive and start popping up everywhere?) I heard all the noise about the Washington Monument being destroyed in Donner's cut and looked forward to seeing some never before seen Derek Meddings SFX model shot from 1977. Alas no, just as its said on the restored feature which isn't as long as it should be mind you. Some footage probably was lost and not found along side the fact they had to recreate some new SFX shots. So you'll see the Washington Monument fall and topple, but its nothing out of the ordinary or jaw dropping as fans were expecting.

I appreicate this cut very much however i feel more could've been done to restore the vision to what Donner truly wanted. Considering how the salkinds screwed him over years ago, i imagine the experience of recutting Superman 2 wasn't as easy as fans may think it was for him though. But it still doesn't excuse the fact that many shots from the TV version of Superman 2 aren't even present on the DVD version or added as supplement footage in full.

I'm going to work on my review of Richard Donner's Superman 2 cut tonight and post it up tomorrow!

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon
(3) if he turns back time does this mean Jor-El *hasn't* sacrificed his spirit after all?
Yup, probably if you think about the events that happened in Superman Returns. And even then, he loses contact with his father once again cos Lex Luthor stole the Kryptonian crystals from his Fortress Of Solitude which some people say is still going to play a part in SR sequel movie in 2009?

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