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Default Seen the Donner Cut of Superman 2!

KJ's Review coming within a day or two? Cos i don't want to spoil it for those of you in North America who have to wait until the 28th?

Its greats, but i should inform you all now that even the Richard Donner Cut of S2 has its pros and cons!

But i'm glad this has finally come to pass. Considering i sent e-mails and signed petitions for a Donner Cut of S2 going back by years to Warners. It makes one feel good that this has happened and that some studios do indeed listen to their fans/critics etc.

I also plan on getting the Superman Ultimate 14 disc boxset and all before Christmas to complete my collection and round out everything.


P.S. With the Donner cut footage now out there, i suspect those fan cuts of Superman 2 combining both Donner and Lester's cut along with footage from the TV versions will be out there online during the Christmas holiday season. So in a way the story of Superman 2 still ain't over for fans.

I'm betting many will want to envision their own cuts and no doubt will. After seeing the S":TRDC you'll understand why. Great as it is, it still begs several editorial decisions and make fans wonder what happened to alot of the things discussed about the film over the years and why certain things aren't on the DVD though? Anyways, i wonder exactly how many Superman fans will recut and make their own versions of S2 and are up to that challenge as well. (someone page David Kerin )

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