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Battlestar Galactica 1978

5 1/2 hours a night on average. Sometimes on the weekend I get a little more. The dog's figured out he can wake me up by kicking the waste paper basket next to the bed. But he only does it for a good reason...

"The Whole Nine Yards" has its origins in WWII. .50 cal machine gun ammo came in 27 ft. belts. A pilot could give up some ammo for more fuel or to make the plane lighter in combat, but usually they just preferred to have 'the whole nine yards.' Lesson: In battle there is no substitute for firepower!

Let's stay on the Second World War, but we'll keep it easy this time.

What Earth battleship was prominently featured in an animated space opera?
Antwaan Randal El is no name for a football player! It's a name for a Star Wars Character!! Can't you just hear Obi Wan saing "A young Jedi named Antwaan Randal El, who was a pupil of mine..."
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