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Default Re: My TOS Studio CGI Replica

Originally Posted by Titon View Post

There seems to be a miss aligned texture map? Are the panel lines modeled or textured?
I'm not really doing textures yet...I just ripped the lightwave surfaces off the Galactica model as is without a thought about lining them up. It's still a WIP and far from done. Basically I'm doing the main geometry, nurnies, and whatever first, then I'll figure out the paint job later. The panels are all geometry though, and I haven't done the asymmetrical stuff yet. I'm doing a 1/5th section first, then I'll take that and start doing the other 1/5th section asymmetrical stuff that weird control bridge area thingy and the asymmetrical launch bay thingy...there's still huge amounts to do! I'm sure it'll take a couple more years at the rate I'm going, but I'm persistent...someday it'll get done.

I see what ur saying though...I might be able to straighten that stuff out without too much trouble...I'll look at it. That stuff isn't permanent though, I just slapped it on from my Battlestar model without thinking too much about it yet.
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