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Just to let you all now, part three of the massive story arc which now fully includes the Colonials (as they are at the end of 'Rebuilding Hope' is now going up on Use my author page link in the post above to find it.

The title is 'Reuniting the Tribes'

There is also a fourth story in the works, which will focus on the BSG and Firefly elements of this sotry arc.

It scares me sometimes... When I first conceived the original story, 'Ancient Legacies', it was just going to be a stand alone Zoids fic. It grew into a story almost a quarter of a million words long, including Zoids, the Cybrids from the 'Earthsiege' games of the early nineties (IIRC) and with a BSG polt hint.

It spawned a sequel, which was a lot darker but mainly was focused on the zoids story line.

Now in part three, not only am I bringing in BSG, but also Joss Weedons Firefly, and thanks to my new co-author, a second anime series (or at least his AU version of it!)

Anyway, read, enjoy and keep flying
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