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Exclamation New Faq online! Rules.

Hello all. It's been a rough couple of weeks around here. We've had some ups and downs but all in all i think were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The staff here at Fleets has been working extremely hard to lay out a new set of quidelines for the site. I want to thank each and everyone of them for doing an excellant job. I believe the new set of guidelines are honest and fair for each poster and more than anything straight forward as to what is expected of each and everyone of us.

Thanks again from the team at Colonial Fleets.

Here are the guidelines.

Since the ownership – and vision – of Colonial Fleets has changed several times in recent months, it has become necessary to review and update the Rules, and spell out the expectations we have for members’ conduct on the forums.

With the return of this forum to the banner – and ownership – of Colonial Fleets, the focus of the site as a whole returns to art; specifically, the art of Battlestar Galactica. What this means for the CF Boards is a greater prominence of art-related forums. It will not mean any changes to any of the other discussions.

What is changing is that we will be returning to a simpler method of operation – simpler rules, simpler expectations, simpler moderation.

We are returning to a philosophy where our members are accountable for their own actions, not the staff. Rather than accepting accountability for other people’s words, the staff will hold each member accountable for their own words.

What this means, in a nutshell, is that the Rules and Conduct Guidelines will govern the PERSONAL side of the ongoing discussions. Everyone is free to state their opinions, etc. as they see fit – provided those postings fall within our guidelines.

The Rules and Conduct Guidelines

The message boards of Colonial Fleets are owned and operated by fans of Battlestar Galactica, and are open to all persons interested in discussing Battlestar Galactica or myriad other subjects including other sci-fi, sci-fi art, or just hanging out with friends.

We do ask that you abide by these Rules and Conduct Guidelines, as the entire board is moderated according to these statements and conditions.

1. Use common sense and common courtesy when in discussion with other members

This should be fairly self-explanatory. We certainly don’t want to deter anyone from having or expressing a view that is different from another’s, but we expect you to post your opposing view in a courteous manner that does not take away from, belittle or otherwise denigrate the other members "beliefs" or opinions.

One thing we DO NOT allow on these boards is attacks on an individual, be it by way of direct affront or snide comments about his/her opinion or belief. Feel free to discuss your differences, but take pains not to be insulting about it.

Attacks on a group of people (for example: another segment of our membership, or the membership of another board) is similarly discouraged.

2. Clarity and Brevity

We also encourage you to keep your posts brief and on-topic. Repetition is not necessary, post after post after post. Make your point and move on, to help keep the discussion moving forward.

3. Language

We’re a family site. That means the language needs to stay PG.

4. Private Messaging

Colonial Fleets, like many message boards, provides the Private Message system for the benefit of our members, to be used when you need to have a conversation off the main forums but can't - or don't want to - use e-mail. The PM's are just that - Private Messages - and nobody except the sender and receiver can read them.

However, we will not allow the PM system to be used to harass, stalk, or send someone obscene or otherwise unwanted messages. If you receive any PM that you feel is an abuse of the PM system, contact any mod with a copy of the offending message(s).

5. Religion and Political Discussions

a. Religion

Religion plays a role in both Battlestar Galacticas. But you must remember that we’re talking about a fictional universe – two, actually. The religions in the old and new shows each represent whatever religions the producers and their writers wanted to portray, and all of it is fictional. Inspiration may have come from aspects of real-world spirituality, but what is displayed on the TV screen is the product of imagination, not holy scripture.

We therefore expect any discussions about religion be about the religions portrayed in the show, and not a debate over real-world religious differences.

b. Politics

As with religion, the political structure of a fiction television show is the construct of the producers and writers. It is fiction, even if aspects of their universe were inspired by real-world events.

So the same strictures that apply to religious discussions apply to political discussions: we expect our members to post their opinions based on the forum they are in. Keep the discussion about the show, not the real world.

The sole exception to this expectation will be in the forum we maintain for our regular posting members for discussing real-world issues: The 13th Colony.

6. Violations of Rules and Conduct Guidelines

All of these Rules and Conduct Guidelines are inter-related, and all are designed to enhance your enjoyment of our boards.

However, being human means emotions may run high at times. Our staff, beginning at the Moderator level, will judge the severity of any violation of our Rules and act accordingly, in full view of the membership. If the severity is sufficient, the offender(s) may be sent “on vacation” for a few days. If it is a significant violation, that vacation may be permanent.

Any member sent on vacation may petition for reinstatement.

Special Situations

1. As we have noted, we expect our members to behave in a courteous and self-controlled manner. If a member becomes unhappy for any reason and, rather than seek assistance from the staff in resolving the situation opts instead to post a “good-bye and good riddance” message, we consider that quite disrespectful to our site and to the rest of the members. A member who resorts to this will not be sent on vacation, rather their account will be placed in a special “user group” with posting and PM/e-mail privileges suspended. They may petition for reinstatement.

2. In general, what happens on other internet message boards does not impact Colonial Fleets. However, there are behaviors that we believe are harmful to everyone and we will act to curtail a member who engages in them, even if they have not done so at CF.
Some of those behaviors are --

a. Hacking into restricted areas at another website.
b. Harassment of a Special Guest at Colonial Fleets, such as one of the stars, on another forum.
c. Unprovoked disparaging or negative, i.e., slanderously inflammatory comments about Colonial Fleets at another website.

3. Registering multiple handles at CF is prohibited.

4. Finally, if for some reason a member is placed on vacation and that member registers a new handle as a way to circumvent that vacation, that vacation will become permanent. Permanently.

In closing,

These Rules and Conduct Guidelines are always open for review and revision. If this happens, it will be announced in the Forum Info and Feedback forum.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, ask in the Forum Info and Feedback forum.

Thank you and enjoy your time at Colonial Fleets!

The Staff of Colonial Fleets

*The link to the guidelines here at Fleets is as follows*
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