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Originally posted by Bijou88
Since the mini has nothing to do with TOS, there hasn't been any charactors from TOS portrayed yet. Asking which Tos characters will appear in any further Moore productions is a moot point.
Well - some were close. Zak was still not a good pilot (although he wasn't bad in the first, but dead either way) and Apollo still starts off so arrogant that you want to hit him - kinda wish Kara had, but that's another story.

I still prefer the standard characters to the new ones. I did not like Six, actually PREFERRED John Colicos as Baltar (at least he didn't snivel so much in the first episodes - self serving, yes, but the new one... eesh) and couldn't figure out the point of Billy. But then, I guess a little of me is die-hard - I absolutely loved the mini, but I could have done with a lot more Galactica time, reduced Colonial One time, and they could have left out the Caprica scenes (except the ones with Boomer and Helo, maybe) all together. I didn't mind the new bridge characters - Dualla was interesting and Gaeta was really good - but the extraneous characters just seemed to take up screen time. Yeah - I know - we need it to comprehend the story, but I still preferred the action on the Galactica to elsewhere.

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