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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

Fan stuff has no legal status. Lawyers don't worry about it staking claim as it has none. Try to say a studio nicked your idea and you will get reminded its not legally yours to play with in the first place :-)
Some franchise owners (especially original concept writers) forbid it, others tolerate it, just a few encourage it.
A notable few fan writers have gone mainstream, or lived the dream of co-writing with their idol author, but that's the exception.

None of the owners I've ever spoken to want you to discuss you ideas with them because of potential 'contamination' and the ill will it causes if there is a coincidence

BSG was fertile ground from the start because of its big themes. There was reams of fanfic before the first series had even finished and after G80 it just exploded as fans looked to
a) continue the story to ease their frustration
b) use the new fangled internet thingo for message boards and instant sharing instead of newsletters and printed zines :-)

Artwork was always part of it, fanfilms and animations a natural extension as the tools became available to gifted amateurs.

Poppa Larson will be arguing for more money, not because he has any affection or any passion for the property. Ditto with Universal.
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