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Default Re: Yet Another TOS Battlestar WIP

Originally Posted by maudib View Post
Good luck Matador, maybe you have more tolerance for pointless junk glued on to your model than I do!
Awesome job on placement of the Greebles... You really know how to place things. I envy that. I have a love/hate relation doing it, but it must be done in order to get that right look.

I put a lot of thought into where I'm going to put things... I'm always finding spots that I feel "needs something". Like James Camron says "everthing must have a purpose". So it's all strategic... It doesn't really just flow out.

That is the most time consuming part for me. Honestly I use a lot of your design as reference... Without coping yours directly... I try to give my Galacitica a bit of originality. That is why my Galactica is soooo different.

But I will be honest... I'm probably going to use your idea for the inside of the engines... Your work is amazing. I love to look at your Galactica and admire the art work that it is.

My deal is I want to start filming right away, but in the back of my head, I feel I would just be cheating.

I'm just glad I switched to Lightwave... The modeling tools have really helped me get a bit more creative.
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