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Default Lang has updated his Galactica Book

It seems that Lang, or should I say the published author Mr. Andrew Fullen, has revised his book and refined the chapter about me. I've read it and decided to go to Amazon and provide my own review:

Mr. Fullen has long been known as a crazed loon in Galactica fan circles. This book represents his semi-psychotic ranting at practically anyone and everyone who has ever watched a Galactica episode and his "data" is derived directly from his own, personal, alternate universe. For reasons that still defy me, he's dedicated an entire chapter to me, ... attacking my reputation, which is in itself peculiar because I don't have any.

If you're considering purchasing this book, keep this in mind. He's wasted all of an entire chapter (Chapter 19) to his fantasies about a guy (again me) who he's falsely and rather offensively labeled as a covert member of a secret Universal Studios conspiracy to destroy the reputation of the original Battlestar Galactica because (1) he (I) asked for some civility to be shown towards Galactica fans and certain more famous personalities including series writer Ron Moore, and (2) because he (I) banned this raving maniac from an online Bulletin Board I managed due to his erratic and eventually intolerable behavior. What's even quirkier, I don't even like the television series Mr. Fullen claims I was working to promote through secret instructions sent to me by Universal Studio executives and Sci-Fi Channel president Bonnie Hammer. (For the record, I've never once spoken to or gotten an e-mail or written correspondence of any kind from Ms. Hammer or any of the Universal executives Mr. Fullen claims I've been working for).

This book is called a "Common Sense Manual" but if anything, it represents the semi-paranoid ravings of a truly disturbed individual. I have exchanged e-mails with Mr. Fullen and recognize some of the source material used in this book as having derived from delusions he experinced at the time we communicated with each other, shortly before he proved himself to be completely irrational and unable to conduct himself in any sort of respectful manner. I'm aware of the freakish interpreations he's developed from those times and personally know them to have very little, if any connection to reality. I can't imagine there is any more rationality or logic to the rest.

If you're looking to read a couple hundred pages of unrestrained hatred and sad, but essentially harmless paranoia, you might find some entertainment in this book but it will not provide you with any useful history of any version of Battlestar Galactica and will not give you any insights as to the events that surround the developments of Ron Moore's television series. Its certain not a book for the fans of the original Galactica series as nothing in it would represent an actual fan in any way, ... or a rational person for that matter.

You've been warned by the hero of Chapter 19.
Lang is also still posting on his private BBoard as the lone member, which is odd because I checked it out of curiosity and noted that he was bumping his own threads, which weren't pushed down because he's the only one who posts ...

... curious.

Some things never change.

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