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Originally Posted by WarMachine

I still am willing to doubt a series of Colonial AEGIS-types hulls; the 'gators don't seem to need them, especially when operating in groups(the Cimtar attack was a special case). The cold, hard facts are that the AEGIS-type hulls are out there to absorb damage as they die, in order to protect the carriers; the USN/RN can dance around the subject all they like, but that's what they're there for.

I don't see a lot of that attitude among the TOS Colonial military, at least as they are portrayed.

That said, the lack of AEGIS-type designs among the Cylons is a head-scratcher...


Also, I would characterize the Cylons as more akin to the Soviets than the Japanese...

And TOS had good writers because they had people in TV in those days who could actually write...
1. I argue that the Colonials build bodyguard ships for precisely that reason, to divert and act as banzai jammers and missile sponges.

2. The Russians probably were the cultural model for your average Cylon, but militarily they, the Cylons, always struck me as Japanese in behavior-stiicking to a rigid plan; then becoming disrupted if things went wrong. Say what you like about the gross incompetence and inefficiency of the Russian economy in general and their military specifically, but the Russian battlefield leadership has been historically GOOD and imaginative. Its mainly their junior officers and soldiery that skunked on the battlefield.

3. Good writers are hard to find, but they are out in the world. When I think of the talent wasting in the wilderness out there that you can find if you GOOGLE.....

Trust me, you can find people to write new "Tales of the Alligator" that would blow the current competition out of space.

The market would carry it and you could sell it. We see that it is possible with an inferior product. Why not try for the objective with better?
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