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A new character by the name of Gemi is introduced as one of the pilot replacements. She is a short, stout woman who has the hots for Lieutenant Starbuck. She even has some of his qualities such as she is a master at both conning and tricking people. She manages to meet the colonial- service height requirement by standing on her toes. Gemi also has a knack for taking tests and manages to pass even though she understood half of the questions.


We discover that Brie is one of the dumbest pilots in training. Her former profession was a hostess on the Rising Star before the Cylons attacked.


She is a very competent pilot who does well in the simulator as oppossed to the character we saw on tos.

Athena: I got him.

Starbuck: You sure did, you also managed to shoot me down.

This scene was actually with Brie and Dietra. Athena is teaching the cadets and not Starbuck.

Brie: I got him.

Athena: Yes you did Brie but you were still firing and a shot hit Dietra, she is now dead.

Brie: Sorry.

Dietra: You're sorry!!!
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