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Default The Tombs of Kobol.

I just started rereading this one. I owned a copy of it many yahrens ago but gave it away. I bought the reprint last year. As an adult I can really appreciate this magnificent work. The prologue tells of how Baltar's life was spared and also why he couldn't stand Adama. They were both cadets at the academy and of all things Baltar was jealous of Adama's singing ability. Also Adama was quite the ladies man. This made Baltar choose a career in politics which he was also bad at.

The book is fantastic. Lucifer has actually achieved conciousness and strives for more than a third brain. Lucifer also has a soul which he created himself. Lucifer also believes that the Cylon race is flawed. They can't beat the Colonials because they use archaic battle plans. Another interesting fact is that Jolly and Boomer were wearing both breathing gear and gloves when they landed on the asteroid. The terrain was so harsh that they had to remove their gloves and were greeted with a gooey/watery substance on the rocks they had to crawl and climb over to go undetected. The things that we fail to appreciate as children.
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