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Default Sidestory concept refined by BSGBH

Neo-Galactican bsgbountyhunter has posted his latest on the sidestory version of RDM script.

Updated Version of My Sidestory

Date: 02/20/2003
From: bsgbountyhunter

This is a Cylon history reworked by me. The later paragraphs below works in my sidestory idea.

The original Cylons were a technologically advanced reptilian race from a far corner of the galaxy. As they died out a millennia ago, little is known of their society. They must have been warlike and imperialistic since at the time of their extinction they had already conquered hundreds of other worlds. The key to the success of the early Cylon's conquests was their development, first of sophisticated robots, and then of fully intelligent androids. These machines were building to withstand enormous stress and to have great strength and powerful computational capacity. Armies of them swept through sector after sector of the galaxy. But ultimately, the machines became the superiors of their creators, and their own machines destroyed the Cylons themselves.

The Cylon androids, reptilian in form like their masters, continued the mission of destruction to which they had been assigned. Machines that they were, they swept through the galaxy even more ruthlessly than their creators. The directives of their programming crystallized into a single Edict of Extermination that called for the destruction of all intelligent life forms in the Galaxy.

The Cylons have occasionally combined forces with beings like the Ovions, but few creatures are more useful to the Cylons alive than dead. Therefore, the number of members of the Cylon Alliance is likely to remain small. Cylons have no concept of friendship of loyalty, and are programmed to exterminate their living allies at the earliest convenient date.

Modern Cylons are basically human form. The most common type is the Centurion, a heavily armored soldier capable of operating a Raider and piloting a Baseship, and also adaptable to planetary invasion and extermination. They are not of high intelligence, but can be cheaply mass-produced. A common Cylon strategy, therefore, is to overwhelm the enemy with large number of Centurions, many of whom will be destroyed, leaving a sufficient number of survivors to carry the day.

The most advanced Cylons are from the I-L Series. Both Lucifer, aide to Commander Baltar, and the Imperious Leader itself are of this type. I-L series Cylons have acute reasoning abilities, and can directly monitor electronic telemetry from up to fifty sources simultaneously. Many more than simple automatons, the I-L's at times exhibit humanlike drives for power. Human cylonologists speculate that this ambition response was deliberately programmed into the I-L's to insure prompt replacement of incompetent leadership.

The first human-Cylon contact occurred a thousand yahren ago, when combined human forces came to the defense of their allies, the Hasaris. The humans were unprepared for the massive Cylon offensive, and their fleet was soon forced back to the outer defense perimeters of their own Colonies. This was the beginning of the thousand-yahren Great Cylon War.

The humans proved to be the most formidable foes the Cylons had ever faced. Lacking imagination to respond to human advances creatively, the Cylons adapted in the only way they could: by imitation. The Centurions were designed to resemble humans more and more, and their weapons were redesigned accordingly. Cylon copies quickly met human weapons advances, so that the war remained in stalemate for hundreds of yahren.

The casualties of war were taking their toll on the Colonial psyche with many families decimated in a war of attrition. The Council of the Twelve passed a resolution to copy the Cylon Centurions to replace their human counterparts in the frontlines. This became a logical step since humankind could no longer endure such losses.

At first the Colonial Centurions were exact duplicates of their Cylon counterparts. The Colonial Fleet decided that Colonial Warriors were to perform decisive military missions while the new Centurions were given the tasks of holding the frontier in the war of attrition. In time, scientific developments led to an improved Artificial Intelligence for the Colonial Centurions, which naturally led to improve combat capabilities. With the new found capabilities of the Colonial Centurions the war began to turn against the Cylons.

On the brink of victory, the Colonial Centurions turned against their masters. No longer did they want to be the slaves to their creators. Instead they wanted to be free and develop on their own. As the war broke against their creations, the Colonials were now caught in the crossfire of two dangerous enemies. Eventually the Council of the Twelve recognizes the Colonial Centurions as independent of the Colonies, which led to a peace between master and creator. Forty years ago, however, the Colonial Centurions disappeared. Unknown to the Colonials, their creations had formed an alliance with they Cylons.

The alliance between the Colonial Centurions and the Cylons led to the development of new more powerful Cylon weapons. The Colonial Centurions later renamed themselves the Colonial Cylons. The Colonial Cylons, for their Cylon counterparts, developed the Cylon Hades Class Basestar and the Cylon Mk IX Raider. The appearance of these new weapons on the battlefield baffled the Colonials since this was the first appearance of Cylon ingenuity. No longer is the Cylon Empire copying Colonial designs but instead developed powerful weapons of non-Colonial design.

During this time ten years ago, Count Baltar led an expedition to Carillon to check on the intelligence gathered about Tylium deposits existing in high quantities. While on the planet, Baltar and his men were captured by the Ovions and their Cylon allies. During their capture, Imperious Leader asked for representatives of the Colonial Cylons if the subjects were fit for the experiment the Colonial Cylons had in mind.

When the Colonial Cylons arrived they recognized the seal of Kobol on Count Baltarís garb. This signaled that Baltar was a member of the Council of the Twelve and an influential member of human society. This more than the Colonial Cylons had dreamed of in their plans to destroy their creators who they felt hindered their evolution. The experiment went forward and Baltar and his men were turned into the first group of Humanoid Cylons. They were program as sleepers with all the original memories of the subjects in place. They would be the eyes and ears of the Cylons and the means for the destruction of the humans. Count Baltar would be programmed to undermine Colonial politics and do the bidding of the Cylons when convenient.

The Colonial Unification Movement and the military genius of Commander Cain had pushed the Cylons to the breaking point. The Colonial Cylons realized that the military situation had to change so they activated sleeper Humanoid Cylons within Cainís Fleet to lead Cain into the ambush at Moleckay. Cain unaware of the betrayal was soundly defeated and forced to retreat away from the Colonies. As the final part of the Colonial Cylons revenge, they activated the sleeper Count Baltar into believing the Cylons wanted to help him be dictator of the Colonies. This led to an Alliance of convenience where Baltar led the Main Colonial Fleet to Cimtar to be annihilated. At the same time the Colonial Cylons planted Number Six under Dr. Gaius who was the head of weapons development for the Colonies. Number Six is infiltration and Count Baltarís treachery led to the near-final destruction of humanity.

Unknown to the Cylons, their new allies the Colonial Cylons had plans of their own. The Colonial Cylons were a small minority within the Cylon Empire but they too had plans to gain power of the Cylon Empire from the Cylons who were the blueprint of their creation. The subversive tactics to take power are well underway during the end of the 1000-Yahren War.
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