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Originally Posted by Gemini1999
I actually think that you've managed to improve on the original done by Gabriel Koerner.
Thanks Bryan, don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing . . . .
I modeled it from images I got off of, If Gabriel was the one who made the Model for Zoic, then it was his ship I sourced from.
I actually started the viper before I had the images, and I was pretty darn close to a lot of things, my dimentions were off quite a bit in some places, but once I got the othographic views of the ship I just remade what I needed and fit the rest together . .

the old style paint job you talked about, isn't that what's on the new ships already? I will check it out and see what the difference is. but sure I can do that.

The paint job I have in mind for this is one that will match the battleStar I am building, with new ensignia and all . . . the vision I have in mind is awesome, just hope I can pull it off . . .

Originally Posted by mikala
Whoa! Looking very nice! Colour will take it right over the top.
Thanks mikala, I can't waite to see what it looks like myself . . . .

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