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Originally Posted by Aeneas
I dunno, it's one of my favorites. In fact it's my second favorite 1 hr ep(behind "Lost Warrior"). The dialogue alone make this one a classic.

ADULTRESS: What of offense is "Star-buckin'"? Sounds interesting.

STARBUCK: It's not an offense... it's a name!

FORGER: [laughing] There one in the same, boy!!

ADULTRESS:[also laughing] I wonder if our ORIGINAL SINNERS were as ignorant as this one!!

STARBUCK: [confused] "Original Sinners?"

ASSAULT: [matter of fact helpful] Yes, our ancestors. The ones who were first sentenced here.

STARBUCK: [astonished] You're in prison for crimes committed by your ancestors?!

FORGER: [indignant] Well at least we're not an original sinner like you !!
This was one of my favorite scenes of the ep! I thought the way Starbuck
interacted with the inmates was fantastic!
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