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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

Gotta go with Don on this one. GINO did its reboot to moderate success. For all the hype, its ratings graph was a near clone of the original series ratings graph, -- a big downhill slope. Blood and Chrome apparently didn't generate enough interest to warrant any more GINO spin-offs. (That's a shame as that production really wasn't a bad effort). Caprica also failed to fire up the franchise, although I'll leave that to others as I only saw the pilot (which I also liked).

This movie announcement is a bit odd. Its a reboot of a reboot. If Galactica was a self-contained story that could be told and wrapped up in 2-3 hours then Galactica 3.0 might make sense as its Ron's reimagining has now hit the 10 year mark and that is the going rate for film remakes these days. However, I don't think Galactica could ever be condensed that much without making the story incoherent.

It seems there is a big missing element somewhere.
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