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Originally Posted by justjackrandom
Interesting ideas, both Taranis and Lara.

As for the culture of the Colonies and their associated languages, we have a few clues from the series:
1) The “standard” language has a great deal of influence from Greek, more so than English does. It also makes use of Latin.
2) Gemonese is Latin.
3) There is a Germanic influence (beyond being the root of English).

If the Colonials are speaking “Colonial Standard”, then it is a blend of languages much like English is, owing more perhaps to Caprican (Greek) than English does to Greek. Based on your description of the Colonies, maybe Sagittaran is Germanic at its root.

Great stuff...

So much food for thought!!

Re language,
i always assumed the dominant language we were hearing was Caprican, by virtue of what we know about the origins of the main characters, and that gemonese was quickly pointed out as being different.
Thus, the command language of the Galactica would be Caprican, as its home colony was Caprica.
Other battlestars may have had other primary languages, but just as 'english' in its many forms now dominates earth in matters technological (I believe its the official language for international flight???) and even places like Japan place high value on english as a second language, something common in Europe and Scandanavia for decades, it might not be a stretch to assume that a technologically advanced colony, perhaps the first to rediscover interstellar flight, had their language adopted widely.

However, languages would blend once the fleet assembled, and the longer they are pushed together the faster the decay on the culture. Fleet standard would be a mishmash of the dominent languages, and loss of cultural identity would be a rich source of debate an discontent.

Perhaps there are high and low forms of each language. you would expect Adama to know the old and high stuff. he had no problems with the scripts in the tombs, and obviously was well read in all the old texts.
There would be every liklihood many cultural or linguistic groups didn't make it with enough representation to remain viable.

We saw asian faces on the council.. Where do the asian cultures and languages fit into the parallels?
Perhaps we can expect to hear Khmer, or the ancient forms of chinese, or indian..
, or even South American ancient languages?
There is 12 colonies, so there is plenty of scope.
if the systems became home to related tribes, then the language and cultural groups could be grouped..

And what would Atlantian be related to?

We need a linguist to give us some basics...

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