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Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
I had no desire to see the umpteenth variation of a brainless FX fest that I tired of quickly long ago. And I frankly find Emmerich's obsession with destroying famous landmarks on-screen to be in exceedingly bad taste in the post-9/11 period in which the grabber is always "Gee, neat they destroyed the White House again". Not to mention how he tellingly goes out of his way to destroy famous symbols of Christianity with the Vatican and the Christ statue in Rio but purposefully refused to show signs of destruction of Muslim sites because he didn't want to offend them. Which says a lot from my standpoint.


We've spoken at lengths about these things and others, in the past so, I think you know my mindset.

How long are we going to portray present-day as "post/911"?

Pearl Harbor was just as bad, if not worse, to my parents' generation but, they moved on from it. Yes, the events of September 11, 2001 were horrible and those who perpetrated it are still at large and still need to be brought to swift justice.

But, at the same time, we cannot be paralyzed or offended by every film that shows a disaster sequence. Following WWII, was our parents' generation paralyzed by every navy war film that might have showed naval battles and ships sinking? No, they weren't. They moved on from it. They acknowledged the event, the commemorated the fallen, and then, they honored those who perished by re-building this country into the world leader that she became.

We have yet to do that. Some in this country haven't finished pointing fingers yet. Some in this country are more worried about savage terrorists being treated with kindness and tried in the loophole-laden civilian justice system than they are about the terrorists being brought to justice for the crimes that they committed. Yes, we've got problems in this country. Some that run right to the core. This movie, however, is not one of them. It is no more an attack on God or Country than Harry Potter.

I know that I won't convince you to change your mind and that's ok. You are entitled to view things in your own fashion and I respect that. That is one of the great freedoms that we enjoy in this country and one, if necessary, that I would fight to my last breath to save.

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