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Cool Trailer Peter.

I've been seeing a lot more sci fi news pod casts out there as of late and with the latest edition of your trailer to the sudden boost of original BSG fan efforts,

Maybe one of the next steps would be to get the gang together here and Launch a mission that would consist of writing a news article titled something like, "the fans of the Original Battlestar Galactica just won't quit" then make a list of all the emails for all these different Sci fi news cast shows like Slice of sci fi, The sci fi zone and Sci fi overdrive just to name a few. Then devide the list of emails up, copy and past the news article to them. We could even make this into a post-athon where we come back here and report on the mission just like we did at the old Galactica thread on the sci fi channel board for the petition drive.

Of course we could send this article to the Sci fi magazines of the world too, that include what we find on the net .

Ian, this is where you chime in my friend.

The latest slew of fan efforts would be included such as Sandy and his first of many new professionally done audio episodes of the Exodus series, Bill and his Radio IFB podcasts, The launch of
ernie90125 Battlestar Galactica fan films site, the live action mini episodes produced and acted in by Charybdis and of course, Your trailer for a direct to DVD. I'm sure there are more to add.

Plus I have a 7 1/2 minute comedy audio almost done. I will have to finish it up sometime soon.

Anyway, it's an Idea. We have all banded together before for online missions and got a lot done.
I think it might be time for another.

Desanto and Larson, Larson and desanto.
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