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Didn't he also have a trailer in the vein of Richard Hatch's Second Coming trailer but unlike Hatch only insiders got a peek at it! It said to include a brief shot of another Battlestar called "Atlantis" with Vipers flying around her going off somewhere unknown? Some of this was on Corona, years back (it may still be there?)

IMAX was a very bad idea, IMAX is for shows, documentaries, short films, animated shorts and specially commissioned movies i.e. special editions and such. Selling Galactica through this medium was a desperate idea to just get the name of Galactica out there again. Movies or TV series sure but IMAX? Larson Larson, whats going on with you. There was also the "Battlestar Galactica Movie" website which became something else which fans mock Larson for? but did have art concepts and storyboards which fleshed out the story he had in mind. Along with some interviews with Todd Moyer.

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