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Default ALOI!!! Origin of Star Trek's Ferengi???!!!


Happy Fourth of July everyone! Well, looks like God is out to outdo us all tonight here in Tennessee - blue and white lightning galore!! Guess He's celebrating too!

Anywho, just thought I'd drop by and say, I have been watching this fantastic Indian movie called "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India", very, very cool! And guess which word I saw in the subtitles???

They were referring to a, how shall I say this politely?, rather greedy English captain who just announced he had raised their taxes again (taxes = Lagaan I believe). Suddenly, they used the word, feringhee. The caption translated it as, "Englishman". So of course yours truly was intrigued and HAD to do a GOOGLE on this little tidbit. (Many Hindi words are similar to our languages, of course, Indo-European roots and all that). But this was stunning.

feringhee, feringhi - an Indian (Hindi) term for Europeans -- no doubt in reference to their substantial greed for tax monies.

Hence.... our dear Ferengi of Deep Space Nine... greedy, yet somehow loveable... wow, who says you can't teach an old daggit new tricks???

Night all!!
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