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Default The whole enchilada....

I just recently purchased a copy of "Saga" from a seller on eBay. They claimed that it was the ENTIRE premiere episode that ABC had shown so 25 yahrens ago. I had a tape of "Saga" that was recorded on audio cassette that I picked up at a con a long time ago, so I was familiar with all of the bits that had been edited out over the years.

When I got the tape, the first thing I realized was that the material was in an "unrestored" condition by today's standards, but very watchable. It was indeed the entire telefilm sans commercial interruptions. It was the first time since the show premiered in '78 that I had seen every scene intact. I know that the DVD's will be out in a couple of months, but when Skiffy ran the entire series in May, there were one or two scenes (Serina's broadcast), that had been put back in and I really just wanted to watch the whole episode again as I remembered it.

I can't wait for the DVDs to come out!

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