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Default anyone watching -in the flesh- on bbc america?

Just watched the season finale and boy am I pissed. Don't want to give any spoliers if someone hasn't seen it yet. However I had to vent somewhere and I thought of my home b board. Fleets. So please don't mind me while I vent some

Dang writers. They better fix this or I will have to travel to offices of BBC 3 and give a stern talking to them.

Still love you guys here. Peace and long life.
Hear the rime of the ancient mariner
See his eye as he stops one of three
Mesmerises one of the wedding guests
Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the sea.

And the music plays on, as the bride passes by
Caught by his spell and the mariner tells his tale.

taken from "the rime of the ancient mariner" by iron maiden
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