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Default Re: Happy Brezkat Plagnorf Day!

<-----wakes up from one helluva passing of the out

How long have I been out? How did I get here? Who's that chick over in the other seat? Did I--? Did we---? Did she---? (looks at reflection in a brass posting)....nope, she couldn't have....not with my ugly mu----errrr

----umm..... what's that on the floor? Did I leave THAT there? And which end did it eject from?! Is it---- alive? I swear I thought I saw it move!

Did I say anything profound? Did I say anything galactic? Did I say anything stupid? (For that matter, did I say anything profoundly stupid?....or galactically stupid?) Did anyone listen? (Was anyone fool enough to? ) Why is there gray matter all over that far wall, with a headless body slumped over, and a blaster in that slumped person's hand? (Somebody must've listened....gulp.)

Ugh....(shakes head).

Yeah, we've been having pretty good business as of late. I am so glad my band plays at The Famous Door. It is really a good piece of real estate to perform in. It's near the hotels, and even a mediocre band could probably get a decent showing of crowd there. But, when you get a really good band in there....not a lot of the other clubs further upstreet stand a chance.

It was freezing cold on both Monday and Wednesday nights that I played with my band...and we rolled 8 sets each night....which makes us look good. The band rolled 8 sets without me on Tuesday night as well. So, in all, we had a darn good week. I hope it is a trend that continues upward.
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