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Default Re: Happy Brezkat Plagnorf Day!

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post

Shnow plowshhh? Shnooowwww plowwwsshhhh!!!???
Theesh guysh nevah huddda---hic---hoida shnow plowwwshhhh!
In fakkt, hic---ya'd think theezh guyzh had nevahh hoida shnowww!
Ish like a-- hic-- a hic--- an anomal--hic ---an anomal-- hci -- Jeezush, now I can't even hiccup shtraight! (How'n'th'ell d'ya misshpell a hiccup?!)


Ah-ohhh yahhh......anomalies! Hic-- ya'd 'sink that shnow wuzh an anomal-- an ano-- an animally! Swit Jayzhush, ya' get a millimu-- hic-- a millimumee--- hic....jusht a lil' bit on tha' ground, hic-- an' tha' whole town shush down!

Wha I wuzh playin' a gig-- a gig-- (hic, 'scusezh me yus' a minnit!..... Barrrrrfffff! Plaagghhhh---- norrrrffff!!!!!!! Gawd, zat' shtuff never tastes good comin' back!) -an mah club, Tha Faymoush Doar...hic-- and Bourbon Bandshtand wuzh tha' onlah clubszh opun--hic--lasht night! We haddah good crowd-- hic-- but it wuzh like tha' resht'ah Bourbon Shtreet jussht panic---pani--- went monkey-schmidt--hic-- and tucked tail batween thar heads and kisshed their legzh gubbye! We monopa--hic-- monopoliz-- hic-- monopalooza'd the shtreet!

Play'd -- hic-- until 2:20 in tha' Ay-emm lasht mornight! Hic!
Hic---barsherver! Tend me anutha'-- hic-- Gagralactica Blaggleshnastah!


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fleet,

THAT is a Klingon with a snootful... or two!


Great to hear from you, General Martok, down in the great southern tundra of Nawlins!

Lay down
Your sweet and weary head
The night is falling
You have come to journey's end
Sleep now
And dream of the ones who came before
They are calling
From across the distant shore .

Children are a message that we send
to a time that we will never see.
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