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Default Re: Colonial Service rank and grade indicators wanted!

Hi Everyone! I've been reading the postings on here for a couple of months while looking for boots for my uniform. However, I've been a fan for years and working on a viper pilot jacket pattern. I'm a seamstress and leather worker.

Our Viper Jacket Pattern is COMPLETE!!! I have compared it against the guidelines I found last night on the Blackstar Squadron website and it meets all of the criteria listed there.

I'm going to be making a bunch of jackets over the next few months for a con we are going to in April. During that time we are also going to make photo directions to go along with written on how to put the jacket together.

If you want a pattern to make a jacket with. Let me know and I'm happy to send you a copy of this one. I have only one request... I don't care if your a seamstress or making this for yourself... If someone else wants a copy, or likes your jacket and asks how you got it, GIVE THEM THE PATTERN if they want it. No cost involved.

The reason I got into costuming was because #1 the ones you buy cost a lot (though as a seamstress I completely see why because they require a LOT of time to make). #2 Many uniforms/costumes that are made commercially for sale are not accurate.

We strive to make our patterns screen accurate by watching the programs over and over, watching for how materials move and attach to each other. We have been doing this for fifteen years. Its just taken my kids growing up a bit and getting ready for a big out of state Con to get me to drag stuff back out and start going on uniforms/costumes again.

So there it is. Let me know if I can help you out.

Bah, got this on the wrong thread. Have to get used to your posting system. So here it is here and I'm going to do it again on the one where everyone's looking for patterns.

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