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Default Re: Colonial Service rank and grade indicators wanted!

sorry I missed this thread when it was made.

As monolith has said, there wasn't alot of evidence seen in the series on how to distiguish ranks. In fact, Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer all had identical costumes. There was no distinction between any of them to show that Apollo was a Captain. And if I remember correctly, Jolly, even though he was a Flight Sgt at the time, also wore the same uniform as Boomer. , no distinguishing marks between the 2 staring actors. (Jolly was later promoted to Lt, when the show realized that Flight Sgt wasn't a pilot's Rank)

The use of one or two Insignia Pins Or in some cases no pin is the only way to indicate either lower ranks or higher ranks. So, even though you intend for your character to be a Full Colonel on the Galactica, he would have the same insignia (and lack of patch) as your Pegasus Lt. (The only Blue uniformed actort to ever wear a patch was Tolen. no other blue costume wore a patch) It would be the same costume.

Hope that helps.
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