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Default Re: BG-11: The Man With Nine Lives

For me, Battlestar and Buck Rogers had two great cameo moments. Battlestar with Fred Astaire and Buck Rogers with Buster Crabb (who played Buck Rogers in the 30's and still looked awesome in 1980... though he died not long after)

I am really torn which of the two cameos I liked best.

For Buck Rogers, you have the passing of the torch. Gil Girard (as Buck Rogers) is meeting Buster Crabb (as Col. Gordon... like Flash Gordon, another Crabb role).


But then I am a big Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire fan. And here we have someone who I have seen in the big screen, that being Fred Astaire, and he is a good actor. A dancer first, but a good actor. And he is charming. I mean who better to show where Starbuck got his charm from than Fred Astaire... as a con man.

And apparently a womanizer as well, because Starbuck happened.

The episode kicks sideways from the exploring of planets and fighting Cylons or other races. Here we get to see life among the fleet. What it is like to see the civilian side of things. I liked that.

And you get to see the intra-fleet TV network. A nice touch.

You know if I had to demonstrate Battlestar Galactica in an episode, I probably wouldn't pick this one, but it soooo rounds out the feel of the show and balances out a lot. And for that reason it is one of those I like a lot.

Oohhh!!! Almost forgot. A few months ago Richard Hatch stopped in at a sci-fi convention in Plano. I'd seen Richard before but wanted to say hi and all. Always great to see him. So when I stepped over to his table, and got an autograph, I got it on a picture of him and Dirk, and Fred Astaire.

"Ahh it amazes me that more people don't pick that picture" he starts off by saying "maybe because it is a black and white print, but it was a joy to work with Fred Astaire." And he talked about how Fred was very quiet, but friendly to work with. Said that from his experience those that are truly big don't act big. He said that was the way of Fred Astaire. He was a big man, a great man, and well, he didn't act it.

That was just what I wanted to hear. Sometimes I find myself asking some stars about other stars that I never got to meet, as if a way to meet that other star second hand. Richard's moment of story telling was cool about Fred Astaire.

Now if I ever meet Gil, I hope he can tell me about Mr. Crabb.
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